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Welcome to the Abyss. Our purpose and how you can best be a part of our community.

Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:29 am

Welcome to the Abyss. What is it all about? The Abyss is my official forum. Because I'm involved in a number of different creative outlets, I wanted to create a space for others like me to get inspiration and help in one place, rather than have to seek out answers in a number of different places. My aim is to form a community of like-minded creators, whose tastes may (but don't have to be) as diverse as mine.

If there were a basic theme to the Abyss it would be this: how can we better help you succeed? Doesn't matter what your goal is, it doesn't even have to be creative in nature. That's just the starting point. We also have sections on general self-improvement. In addition, we have a critique section, where you can get feedback on your works in progress, no matter what they be. Writing, music, poetry, visual art. Doesn't matter. If you'd like the password to that, just PM me.

This is a small community, but growing. It is a place for helping others. It is a place for improving our skills and our crafts. Ask questions, post about whatever you like. Discuss. That his how best you can help. And feel free to invite others to join us as well. Hopefully you and they will find a home here. If you need a good idea on where to begin, I encourage you to introduce yourself in the Introductions section. 

You may also notice some users have special icons on their posts, like CREATOR, or EVALUATOR. These are awarded to members who have been active participants either by providing works for critique or by providing critiques and other types of participation. You will also see ranks based on post count. 

Again, welcome.
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Re: Welcome to the Abyss. Our purpose and how you can best be a part of our community.

Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:05 am

Man, I can dig it. Thanks for the invite. I'll do what I can to help out. You've got something cool here. 

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