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Let's talk Jester's Down. Also what's the best prank you ever pulled?

Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:06 pm

I went ahead and bought Jester's Down on Kindle the other day and thought I would give a few thoughts here. For one, having read some of Dan's new stuff, I can see the stylistic evolution. I did like the voice in JDown a lot, it was very sarcastic. There were some formatting and grammatical errors, but I won't get into that. A few of the things I'd like to point out. 
The good
  • I think the overall plot was good. Everything tied together, there wasn't a lot of fluff that didn't belong (though there was some).
  • The theme of the story comes through loud and clear.
  • The two storylines that converge is like a collision of two separate worlds. I'm talking about the boys and Brady. There's also the subplot of Tony that kind of lies in between the two. 
  • The pranks were cool, could have used more of them. 
The bad
  • Lots of characters to keep track of. I get it, it's high school and that's a part of being in high school. Eventually you do figure out which ones are important because of their repetitive inclusion, vs the ones who are extras. 
  • The ending happened to fast. I get that the pacing leading up to that is quickened to get to the climax, but I think you could spend more time in the parts after the climax.
With that being said I look forward to checking out the next one. Some questions I have for any others who have read it. What did you like best about it? Who was your favorite character? (For me it was Snelty.) I think you should do an annual Jester's Down pranking contest. What is the best prank you've ever pulled? 
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Re: Let's talk Jester's Down. Also what's the best prank you ever pulled?

Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:18 am

I meant to reply to this early. Best prank I ever pulled was in the Air Force. We were bored one summer and my flight NCOIC asked us if we had any ideas on things for morale. I came up with the idea to create a fake Airman to be part of our unit, we would just convince everyone else he was real. We quickly invented Senior Airman Aidan Worthington, who supposedly PCS'ed in from Germany. Obviously, our squadron didn't have any official paperwork on a guy coming in like that, but we did everything else that was within our power. I had rank and nametape sewn onto a BDU blouse that we left around the office, and we had mail for this guy sent to the squadron. It was common for people to get their mail at the shop if they hadn't had time to get housing yet. We in-processed this guy as much as we could, and everyone in the flight would cover for him. The commander was even in on this, but the CSS (support staff) lady upstairs was constantly freaking out because everyone was talking about this guy who had come in, but she didn't have any paperwork on him and it was an emergency for her to get it all straightened out. The whole charade went on for about a month and it was the best prank we ever pulled. Plus, it was my idea. 
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