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Character. Reason. Justice.

Words are the most powerful weapons. They are also instruments of healing. Action begins with thought, and the best thought is guided by reason. We can use words to solve problems, but we cannot solve anything unless we first recognize the obstacles preventing solutions. This is the first step toward reaching the best solutions, and the second step is recognizing that the best solutions are probably not the ones inside our skulls. I am but one mind in a sea of many. The Talmud says that he is wise who learns from all men. Put greater minds to use. If you can use mine to improve yours, the world is improved. Improve the many by improving the self. A rising tide lifts all ships. 

This blog is my attempt to cast a few thoughts into the chasm. If some of them stick, great. If some of them spark greater ideas to come forth, even better. I simply like to ponder things, and I tend to shy away from picking any team. My loyalty lies with truth and reason, ideas. I am not trying to win any votes here. So you will probably not hear what you want to hear. Contemplate it anyway. If it pisses you off, reflect on why. Build more self-awareness. And by all means, lend me your thoughts so that I may strengthen my own. 

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