Mike Tyson, David Goggins, Danny, and a little Manifesto

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I want to start journaling. Keeping track of shit. Actions, thoughts. Things I’m working on. So that is what I’m doing. We’ll see how long it lasts, since I have a hard time continuing shit for too long. I lack discipline. That’s my biggest problem, and that’s also why discipline was the last virtue added to Loricism. Because I fucking forgot about it. I had 11 virtues, all shit that had made my life way better. But then I realized: the list needed discipline, the thing I struggle with the most.

Anyhow, to get up to speed, I recently released the Loric Manifesto. Everything ties back to this. Basically, it’s the what and the why behind Loricism. Why did I create it? How did I arrive at those conclusions? It’s an essay, not a “delightful” read, but still. It needed to be done. And I’ve long thought that Loricism was my purpose. Like, if I could give the world just one gift, what would it be? How can I leave the world a better place? Sure, I could just be good and help people. But I wanted to think bigger. Not just like a one-off thing, either. Massive. Far-reaching. The most audacious fucking thing ever. I wanted to give the world something like Buddhism. Something that lasts for centuries. Without all the dangers, of course (read the manifesto).

This brings us to the next problem, though: how to get the message out there. And stamp it so that people know I’m fucking serious about it. How do I do that? Marketing? Celebrities? No, I need to make a bigger splash. I need to create a legend behind it. Nothing that would interfere with the principles of the system, though. I can’t risk making it a fucking cult. So I have decided that I need to nut up and push myself harder than ever to become a fucking champion. Not just any champion. A legend.

That dream has swirled in my mind ever since I was a kid. To illustrate this, when I was in 9th grade a friend of mine from school had this tarot deck. He said for me to ask him a question. My question was, “Will I be a good fighter?” That’s where my head was at. But he dealt the cards and contemplated them and then told me coldly, “No.” That was it. I was crushed. But ever since then I always wondered if they were right. Only two possibilities could exist to make that reading true: either I was never going to be any good or I was going to be fucking great. Legendary.

So that is what I’m going to do. And this is all coming together. Fate has a way of coming around right when you need it to. My old student, Danny, recently came back into my life and pushed me to get back into martial arts. He also spurred me into action with the loricism. He has big dreams, too, and it’s infectious. In fact, he plans to move down here and we can get back to work at the dojo just like old times. I now have someone amazing in my corner. You have no idea. So that was the first thing that the universe laid in my lap.

The second thing, randomly, was an ad on Instagram. It was Mike Tyson, a legend I have always admired. He has an online course on how to achieve your dreams called 12 Rounds with Tyson. I bought it. And I have watched those videos 3 days in a row. It’s amazing. He speaks right to me. He stirs me. It’s just what I needed, right when I needed it.

The third thing that I think completes the whole mindset toolset was I bought the David Goggins book, “Can’t Hurt Me” on audiobook. Now there’s another guy I feel speaks right to me. And I feel we have a connection, being that he was also a TACP at one point. Listening to this book, I realized that if he could go from 300 pounds to Navy SEAL, I could accomplish this.

Between these 3 influences, I can do it. I am ready. And I have begun the transformation already. Working out, eating better, working on my mind. Watch what happens next, motherfucker.

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