Martial Arts of the Mind

a martial artist kicking. What about martial arts of the mind?

Sometimes a concept is easier to grasp when it’s put into terms people can easily relate to. That’s why comparisons, metaphors, similes, parables, and fables are great rhetorical and literary devices. So what can we compare Loricism to that might help put it into better perspective? Loricism is akin to martial arts of the mind.

What You Do Today Becomes Your Tomorrow

We put things off in the hopes that we’ll get around to them in the future, and before you know it, years have gone by. Don’t do your future self dirty like that.

How To Stand Up To Manipulators

Don’t expect people to start treating you well if they’re not already. To change your situation, you have to make a change in what you allow. Here are some thoughts on the subject of standing up for yourself.

We Are All Capable Of Evil

I asked the other day what people’s most controversial thought was. In this episode, I give my answer, along with some supporting evidence for why we should consider a number of different possibilities before making judgments on other people.

Kaizen – Change for the Better

Ponder this: why would anyone not want to improve something? What reasons can you think of? Perhaps a change is a subjective improvement. Changing the color of your bedroom wall, for instance. You might think making it blue is an improvement, while someone else thinks it should be green. For the purposes of this article, we are

Self-Defense: A Dose of Reality

Not all martial arts systems are created equal. When I teach martial arts, my first priority is to make it useful immediately. For the real world. Here are some things every martial artist should know, which might not be taught everywhere. Your Instructor May Not Know What They’re Talking About The first hard lesson you

Fitness For Character Development

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, philosopher and poet (1803-1882) We only get one body that has to last us, therefore it only makes sense to maintain that body, and constantly strive to make it the best it

Only Weakness Cheats

People who cheat to win only do so because they don’t believe they can win within the established parameters of the activity. In some circles, winning at all costs is part of the culture. It’s all people care about. So they do “whatever it takes to win.” For them, cheating is just a part of

In Defense of Military Hazing

First and foremost I feel it is the responsible thing for me to clarify what may seem to some to be a click-bait title. In order for me to do that, though, it is necessary to make the distinction between the picture many have of hazing and what I’m actually talking about. The version I

Suppression: Trademark of the Weak

Twelve people were murdered in Paris today in the name of religious extremism. This post will be concise, as I simply want to penetrate the heart of the matter. The question that always materializes out of atrocity is two-pronged: why, and how do we stop it. I will answer both. The why is no harder or easier than

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